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Environmental/ Ecological Research & Data

Research design & evaluation

Collecting environmental and ecological data can be expensive. This is particularly true when a study concludes, and the collected data does not answer the research question. To avoid potentially very costly errors, we will evaluate your survey design, or design a research program for you, to ensure you collect an optimal quantity of relevant data to answer your research objectives.

Research design and evaluation

Data cleaning & analysis

Data cleaning and analysis are essential steps in extracting knowledge from raw data. We specialise in using Python and the R programming language to ensure data accuracy and prepare it for analysis. To analyse those data, we employ a variety of Bayesian and non-Bayesian methods to generate anything from simple descriptive statistics, evaluate hypothesis tests, or estimate more specific parameters such as site occupancy or detection probability.

Data cleaning and analysis

Research output

The effectiveness of research lies not only in the data collection and analysis, but in how those data and analyses are presented. Whether it be for the peer-reviewed scientific literature, agency reports, or for use in organisational communications to stakeholders, we can craft bespoke outputs such as graphs, plots, maps, and reports in everyday language to tell your research story. And, as researchers ourselves, we are always interested in collaborating to develop peer-reviewed or popular scientific output to help your research reach the wider community.

Research output


Image & satellite analyses


Image and satellite analyses play a crucial role in deciphering meaningful insights from visual data. Our expertise in image enhancement illuminates intricate details like vegetation indices and burn mapping. Furthermore, our advanced techniques delve deep into image interpretation, focusing on the differentiation and progression of land cover and land use, and efficiently tracking change detection over time.

Spatial analysis

Our spatial analysis services offer a comprehensive exploration of geospatial data. With precise GPS mapping, we accurately represent and evaluate data points, integrating proximity analysis for a nuanced understanding of spatial relationships. We employ sophisticated methods such as density mapping, cluster & hot spot analysis, and spatial regression, offering a detailed and data-driven perspective on spatial trends and patterns.


Education & Training

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